Izukogen experience village

Izukogen experience village where I can experience ceramics without reservation, full-fledged soba experience, gusset sushi experience, delicious seafood rice bowl and ten percent soba is available is about 3 hours by car from each of the Kinki, Kanto, and Tokyo metropolitan areas, Shizuoka Prefecture Ito city It is equipped with a large parking space that I can easily park a large bus along the national road No. 135 of Izukogen.

At the foot of the mountain where the bamboo forest grows, at the foot of Yawatano Kannon, the bells entrance hall, the hachiman kiln, the Kannoni Temple and the dining restaurant Akazawa, familiar facilities of Japanese gather together and enjoy freshly ground pottery and stone mills You can experience buckwheat noodles.

I can experience from stone milling

The experience of striking south of Kanondei begins with grinding stone mills.
When you start turning the stone mill slowly ... · A scent of soba near you will begin to drift ♪
That's right. The freshness of buckwheat flour is different as it begins from the stone mill ground.
Please imagine.
Even the soba shop called as a soba noodle shop usually starts from where you refine the refined powder.
There are such reasons.

Boasting natural water

Auvergne region known as the source of the delicious water and world famous French natural mineral water "Volvic".
The majority of the Auvergne, the Chene de Pui volcano group is very similar to the Izu Eastern volcano group around Izu Heights and is famous for its many hot spring facilities as well as one of the best spa resort areas in Europe.
The Izu Eastern volcano group is a collection of hundreds of small volcanoes including the ocean floor part, and Izukogen is very similar to the city of Clermont-Ferrand, the town of Chene de Pui volcano group .
Such terrain brings good quality "water" like the Auvergne region.
In addition, Amagi is rich in spring water, the amount of water is stable throughout the year.
There are 4,400 mm of annual rainfall in Amagi, the number one place in Japan is one of the best rainfalls in Japan, ranked 3rd in Yakushima, Owase after the nation's observation point.
Izukogen, where a large amount of water is sprinkled on a natural filter machine and sprinkled out there.
There is such a reason for the reputation that the water of Izukogen is delicious.
Buckwheat Experience Kannontei's soba noodles make use of this high quality water.

Experience content

Buckwheat experience (with tempura)

You can taste it with platter such as soba noodles and tempura of tomorrow leaves specialized in Izu.

Buckwheat experience & set buckwheat noodle (with tempura, rice dish and small bowl)

In addition to buckwheat and tempura you struck, you can taste delicious along with popular snails.

Buckwheat experience & buckwheat tuna (tempura, rice dish, sashimi and small bowl)

In addition to the soba and tempura that you hit yourself, rice bread, you can join us with the bean paste of Izu seafood horse mackerel.

My soba noodles & soba noodles experience

After making soba Inoguchi (soboko ko) designed by yourself, experience a soba noodles experience and taste at My Soba Inoguchi.

Store Guide

そば打ち体験 観音亭

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Experiences near Kannoni beach start from where you grind stone mills.
When you start turning stone mill slowly with Gotogoto, around there will be a very good scent of soba.

Store name Buckwheat Experience Kannondei
Street address 〒 Hakimano, Ito City Shizuoka Prefecture 413 0232 Shizuoka Prefecture 1666-4 Izu Heights Experience Village
phone 0557-54-3006
- -
Business day 7 days a week
Parking Lot Free, 50 passenger cars, 6 large buses
Seating capacity 2 to 100 people
Regarding reservation Complete reservation system, please make reservation for WEB for 2 people or make a phone call.
Start time @ 10: 00 A 12: 00 B 14: 00
※ Please select your preferred time at the time of reservation.
Telephone reception time 9:30〜18:00
- -
持ち物 特にありません。手ぶらでお越しください
お支払い方法 現金、クレジットカードなど
- -
- -


Introduction video of 'Buckwheat experience Kannondei' in 2 minutes

Watch a video of "Buckwheat Experience Kannon Tei"

Spacious room

You can enjoy buckwheat noodle in the room with bright light.
As you can experience in a spacious room, you can participate in groups as well.


Experience grinding from stone mill

Experiences near Kannoni beach start from where you grind stone mills.
When you start turning stone mill slowly with gotodoto, around there will be a very good scent beside you.
By kneading buckwheat, when you stretch it, surely your stomach will also be sticky.
The taste of soba who struck by myself is really special!
Let's have it delicious with tempura.


■ For the car:
◇ From the Tokyo side, next to the Yawata Kannon statue on the right side along the national highway 500 meters past the Yahatano traffic light on Route 135 Route.
◇ From Shimoda area, 2 kilometers past the Akasawa day trip spa hall on Route 135, on the left along the national highway, next to the Yachiman Kannon statue.
※ Free parking: 50 passenger cars, 6 large buses

★ ★ For customers coming by car navigation system
Phone number search: 0557-54-3006 (may be displayed as "Holiday Akazawa")
* Please note that if you do not update the car navigation software to the latest information, it may indicate a wrong destination based on the old map data.

■ By train:
◇ Get off at Izukogen station, 15 minutes on foot from Yamaguchi.
◇ Get off at Izukogen station, one meter by taxi from the mouth.
· You leave the ticket gate and you are right in front of the station MAP.