It is in the middle of a three year slope,
It is the second floor of Machiya.

Yuba · Tofu Kiyomizu Tei
Shimizu 3-chome, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto prefecture 605-0862 342
In case

Kyoto-shi Higashiyama Ward buckwheat experience Kiyomizu Tei

Speaking of Kyoto sightseeing, it is Kiyomizu Temple, Yasaka Shrine, Gion and Nanting Saka (Miyasaka).
"Kiyomizu Tei's buckwheat experience" near the tourist attraction begins with grinding stone mills.
When you start turning the stone mill slowly ... · A scent of soba near you will begin to drift ♪
That's right. The freshness of buckwheat flour is different as it begins from the stone mill ground.
Please imagine. Even the soba shop called as a soba noodle shop usually starts from where you refine the refined powder.
Please try experiencing the reason that the buckwheat noodle side of Kiyomizu Tei is too delicious ♪

Let's grind the fruits by turning the stone mill

It is a serious buckwheat that you experience from grinding buckwheat flour with stone mill.
Enjoy wrapped in a scent of buckwheat buckwheat flour and enjoy buckw the soba.
Since we carefully explain each process, even the best buckwheat noodles are completed for the first time.
Choosing a start time around noon is perfect for lunch.
Let's eat buckwheat that I struck myself for the lunch of sightseeing in Kyoto!

Wasabi from Shinshu Azumino gives birth to near Horokanaicho in Hokkaido

Our commitment is "Fresh Mind".
You can enjoy "freshly baked" with "freshly ground" powder in "freshly boiled".
The concept of buckwheat changes, it is amazing deliciousness.
Please feel the flavor of buckwheat noodle eat as it is.
The spicy wasabi will use 1 book wasabi from Shinshu Azumino.
Compatibility of buckwheat with freshly baked wasabi is outstanding.

Experience content

Grinding stone mill & buckwheat noodle experience

Freshly ground, freshly baked, freshly boiled!
You can taste soba you struck by yourself.
Soba made by grinding from stone mill is exceptional, and further eating in a condition that appetite has been complemented by the smell of soba is more tasty!

Full-fledged soba experience and experiences of making yuba

A hands-on experience plan that you can enjoy Yuba making experience together with authentic soba noodle experience ♪

Store Guide

そば打ち体験 きよみず亭

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At Kiyomizu Tei, a beach striking experience by Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City,
Let's enjoy buckwheat noodles.
You can challenge by turning the stone mill and grinding the soba noodles into powder.

Store name Buckwheat Experience Kiyomizu Tei
Soba Uchiyake Kiyomizu Tayi
Street address Shimizu 3-chome Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto prefecture 605-0862 342
phone 075-746-7917
FAX 075-746-7916
Business day 7 days a week
Parking Lot None
Seating capacity 2 to 20 people
Regarding reservation Complete reservation system, please make reservation for WEB for 2 people or make a phone call.
Start time @ 10: 30 A 12: 00 B 14: 30
※ Please select your preferred time at the time of reservation.
Telephone reception time 9:45〜15:00
Target age Elementary school student
※ The kitchen knife will be over junior high school students.
※ Elementary school students can not experience.
Belongings We prepare an apron, but please refrain from those who are concerned about dirt on clothes.
Payment method Cash, credit card etc.

★ Notice of relocation ★
I moved my address from August 1, 2018
※ The access map shows the new address

Old address: 257-17 Shimizu 2-chome Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto city
New address: Shimizu 3-chome Higashiyama ku Kyoto shi 342
※ I moved to the position of 2 minutes on foot

■ For the car:
Approximately 20 minutes via National Highway No. 1 from the Meishin expressway "Kyoto Minami IC" or "Kyoto Higashi IC", about 15 minutes via Hanshin Expressway No. 8 Kamogawa West IC via Fuch way Route 143
※ For parking, please use P around Kiyomizudera, P around Kodaiji, coin P etc.
Kyoto shi Shimizaka sightseeing P gives priority to sightseeing buses.

■ By train:
By Bus: Get off at Shimizu-do, about 5 minutes on foot
(From Kyoto Station City Bus 100 and 206, from Shijyo Kawaramachi City Bus 207)
It is within walking distance from Kiyomizudera, Yasaka Shrine and Gion.
From Kiyomizu-dera: Get off the stairs of "Three Years Saka" (Dynasty Saka) and proceed along the stone pavement on the right side.
From Kodaiji, Gion and Yasaka Shrine Directions: Turn left on the stairs of "two year slope" and the third on the left.
It is displayed by searching "Shimizu 3-342" by "smart phone" Google Maps.
※ Because we do not transfer, please come by each public transportation.