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About Ryukyu kiln

Learn about, create, and shop for shisas♪

Learn about shisas—guardian deities and talismans against evil that are placed at Okinawan houses—at our theater. Then create one at an experience workshop and shop for them at our store, all at our facility just for shisas.

A route that's 25 minutes by car from the Chiraumi Aquarium.
No reservations are required, so you can match the timing of your drive and visit on your way out or back home.

You can enjoy shisa-making without a reservation!!

In the Ryukyu Gama experience workshop, there are 200 seats at shisa tables and 5 electric pottery wheels, making it of the largest scale in Okinawa. You can casually enjoy a traditional Okinawan shisa-making experience and electric pottery wheel experience without a reservation.

"Shisa Painting" and "Suyaki Shisa", where you can take home your work right after you've made it.

"Ceramic shisa", made by working Ryukyu clay…

"Plaster shisa", made with plaster and red roof tiles…

There are menus like these for everybody, including families, couples, and girls-only gatherings.

A shisa shop of the largest scale in Okinawa

We don't carry any cheap imported souvenirs; we display and sell shisa by major Okinawan artists with a selection of the largest scale in Okinawa.

Find the shisa you like from over 100 workshops, 1,000 types, and 10,000 shisas.

Shisa theater for learning about shisas

We introduce shisa's roots, etymology, gender, types, purpose, and placement with easy-to-understand panels.

At our 200-inch theater with a 150-person capacity, we show a video explaining shisas in 5 minutes.

If you enjoy an experience or make a purchase after learning about shisa through our movie or panels, you can feel an even greater attachment to shisas.



Experience content

Pottery shisa Painting

It is a course to choose the shisa made from pottery to your liking, and to make colorful painting with paints. It is also very popular with children who enjoy easy-to-casually painting courses.

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Plaster shisa painting

A course where you choose a plaster shisa that you like, then decorate it colorfully with paint.
Our simple, relaxed, and enjoyable painting course is very popular among children.

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Plaster shisa-making experience

When you've made you're shisa it's baked on-site, ready to take home that day.

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Plaster shisa-making and painting workshop

Painting can be done as well.

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Ceramic shisa-making

Making shisas with Okinawan red clay!

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Serious shisa-making

Serious shisa-making using Okinawan red clay.

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Plaster shisa-making

The origin of shisas! Create a shisa with Okinawa plaster and Ryukyu roof tile fragments.

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Testimonials ・ Announcements


フォースメンズ!! #琉球窯




すごく可愛らシーサー(*´ω`) #琉球窯


オリジナルシーサーの出来上がり(^O^)/ #琉球窯


3人で作って たのシーサー(*´▽`)


納得のいく可愛いシーサーできました〜(^^)/ #琉球窯




可愛いシーサーできました(^O^)/ #琉球窯


草原のシーサーちゃん(^^♪ #琉球窯






みーんな素晴らシーサー(^^♪ #琉球窯

Store Guide

When traveling in Okinawa, please visit "Shisa Park Ryukyu Gama" and enjoy experiencing the Okinawan traditional arts of shisa-making and yachimun-making.

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Restaurant name: Shisa Park Ryukyu Gama
Address: 479-5 Biimata, Nago-shi, Okinawa 905-0005
Tel.: 0980-43-8660
Fax: 0980-43-8680
Business days: 7 days a week
Open Hours 10:00〜19:00(Deadline for reservations:18:00)
Parking: Free, accommodates 50 cars and 2 buses
Maximum occupancy: 355(shisa-making 200 seats, Electric pottery wheels 5 seats, Shisa theater 150 seats)
About reservation: No reservation is necessary, but you can make reservations online for scheduled experiences.(Individual reservations via phone are not accepted.)
Belongings: Aprons are available, but we do not recommend our experiences for those who are worried about getting their clothes dirty.
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A video introduction that Shisa Park Ryukyu Gama in 2 minutes

View the Ryukyu Gama video

Shisa Shop

Ryukyu Gama Shisa Shop's gallery is carefully selected and only includes 100% Okinawan traditional works.
We don't carry any cheap foreign-made keychains or souvenirs.
Whether it's Ryukyu bingata, Yaeyama minsa, Shuriori, or Tsuboya-yaki, we have an abundant selection available; the same is true for Yachimun, whether it's Joyachi or Arayachi, and we also have shisas ranging from the traditional to the avant-garde.

View the Shisa Shop video

Shisa theater

Learn shisa trivia from our movie and panel displays before you try our shisa-making experience or purchase shisas.


Our shop is barrier-free

Since our experience area is spacious, wheelchair users won't have to feel stressed about coming and going.
Kids were entranced by Ryukyu Gama's artisan's skill in creating plaster shisas.
Perhaps future shisa artisans will be born from the children experiencing shisa-making today…
Naturally, our restrooms are also barrier-free.
Planned with high accessibility in mind, we also have a diaper change platform available.


Wi-Fi available!

You can now use Wi-Fi at the Shisa Park Ryukyu Gama.
Feel free to use it when you're here for shopping or an experience.


Business View

Take a look at an indoor view of the restaurant.
When viewing from a smartphone, please select the Google Maps app.


A route that's 25 minutes by car from the Chiraumi Aquarium