July 18, 2017 Nitere "Hillnandes!" Was broadcasted ☆

t was introduced to Hilnandes 【It's Asako & Okubo Kayoko's Summer Kyoto Women's Journey】.

"One of the approach to the Kiyomizudera Temple"
"Currently, restaurants and souvenir shops are popular spots!"

"Kiyomizu-tei where Yubaya Tofu can be made" is located in Shantinasaka (Miyasaka).

"Experience making yuba which two people are interested at once"

"First of all, I will stick to soy milk as it is"

"The taste and smell of O soy!"

"I love it! ♡"

Secret of deliciousness

"Commitment is to use groundwater in Kyoto and domestically produced soybeans selected carefully"

"Use soybean milk at a high concentration of soybean solid content of about 12% or more
You can taste the original soybean sweetness and richness "

"As we continue to eat yuba further ..."

"How to finish Yuba Rice crackers!"

"What is that taste of soybean taste and richness condensed?"

"Awesome truly crisp!"

"Sweet, it is good !!"

"This is Komi Yuzu Yuba and Yu-don 1380 yen"

"Add a yuba to a special sauce based sauce
If you boil it, put eggs in there! "

"If you serve it on rice in a roughly eight-minute state
To the rich bowl of compatibility of rich egg and yuba! "

※ The information on publication is the one at the time of broadcasting

You can make Yubani Tofu!

"Yuba · Tofu Kiyomizu Tei" can easily experience Yuba making and making tofu unique to Kyoto.
Please relish the freshly made fruit and tofu made from delicious soymilk from Kyoto.

Experience content

■You can experience without reservation ♪ Choose a bowl and a hot pot and enjoy lunch in Kyoto ♪

Choose one item from "Yuba Making Experience", "Tofu Making Experience" or "Boiled tofu". "Making Experience", you make it by yourself using delicious soymilk from Kyoto♪

■All-you-can make and eat yuba and tofu!!

Yuba and tofu made by myself are all you can make and eat♪ You can also have a variety of tofu and yuba meal together.

Store Guide

ゆば&とうふ きよみず亭

Tell your friends about this shop!

Store name Yuba · Tofu Kiyomizu Tei
Street address Shimizu 3-chome, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 605-0862 342 2F
phone 075-746-7917
FAX 075-746-7916
Business day 7 days a week
business hours 11: 00 ~ 15: 00 LAST ORDER
※ Extended special admission period of Kiyomizudera night
Parking Lot None
Seating capacity Terrain seat 14 people
Payment method Cash, credit card etc.
- -

Enjoy the atmosphere of the Kyomachiya!

The curry seat is a digging formula that extends the legs, so you can relax your kimono comfortably.


■ For the car:
Approximately 20 minutes via National Highway No. 1 from the Meishin expressway "Kyoto Minami IC" or "Kyoto Higashi IC", about 15 minutes via Hanshin Expressway No. 8 Kamogawa West IC via Fuch way Route 143
※ For parking, please use P around Kiyomizudera, P around Kodaiji, coin P etc.
Kyoto shi Shimizusaka sightseeing P gives priority to sightseeing buses.

■ By train:
By Bus: Get off at Shimizu-do, about 5 minutes on foot
(From Kyoto Station City Bus 100 and 206, from Shijyo Kawaramachi City Bus 207)
Kiyomizu Temple, Yasaka Shrine, within walking distance from Gion
It is along the street of "Nanbun Saka" (Three year slope).
It is displayed by searching "Shimizu 3-342" by "smart phone" Google Maps.
※ Because we do not transfer, please come by each public transportation.