Izu Plateau

At the foot of the mountain where the bamboo forest grows, at the foot of the mountain where Yamanomi Kannon, ceramics experience Yawatano kiln, soba noodle experience Kannontei, Nigiri sushi experience Akazazu etc. are gathered together, delicious meal dish of Izu, Dried & seafood souvenir shops line up, and it is familiar as Izukogen's experienced traveling station which combines the ease of driving in which you can purchase meals and souvenirs.

About 3 hours by car from each capital region in Kinki, Kanto, Shizuoka prefecture along the national highway No. 135 of Itzukogen, Shizuoka prefecture, we have a large parking lot space where large buses can park easily.

Feeling is a sushi craftsman

When I wear a work clothes and a Japanese hat, I feel full of sushi craftsmen.
Let's hold on to sushi as soon as you receive an explanation.
Grasp the shari lightly and complete it when you put the neta!
It seems easy and seems unexpectedly tricky.
Let's eat everyone when holding it.
Even if it is a little unsettling, the sushi we grasped is extraordinary taste.
You can take a Japanese hat home in commemoration!

Fresh stuff and commitment of Shari

Sushi is life story.
Fresh seafood from the Izu sea is arrayed!
Shari is a contract farmer in Noto Peninsula, Ishikawa Prefecture.
Sweet and umami with vinegar is made up of cedar large tubes of my city (kikuchi) brewing.
The book wasabi that tightens sushi uses what was cultivated in the clear stream of Izu Amagi.

Experience content

Nigiri sushi experience (10 sticks)

I hold ten stucks of Edo-front sushi by myself, sample with crab miso soup, small bowl!

Nigiri sushi experience (15 sticks)

I grabbed Edo-front sushi by myself and tasted with crab's miso soup and small bowl!

Store Guide

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Please look inside the store in an indoor view.
Please choose the application of the Google map if you watch with a smartphone.

You can wear jersey clothes and wear a Japanese hat, you can experience like a craftsman.
You can take the Japanese hat as it is.

Store name Nigiri sushi experience Akazazawa
Street address 〒 Yawatano, Ito City Shizuoka Prefecture 413 0232 Shizuoka Prefecture 1666-4 Izu Heights Experience Village
phone 0557-54-3006
- -
Operation exclusion date Around New Year (most recently from 2018/12/29 to 2019/1/3)
Golden week (most recently from 2018/4/28 to 5/6)
August (8/1 - 8/31)
Parking Lot Free, 50 passenger cars, 6 large buses
Seating capacity 2 to 32 people
Regarding reservation Complete reservation system, please make reservation for WEB for 2 people or make a phone call.
Start time @ 10: 00 A 11: 00 B 14: 00
※ Please select your preferred time at the time of reservation.
Telephone reception time 9:30〜18:00
- -
持ち物 特にありません。手ぶらでお越しください。
お支払い方法 現金、クレジットカードなど
- -
Wi-Fi Free Wi-Fi 完備


Introduction video of "Nigiri sushi experience AKASAWA" to be found in 2 minutes

Watch a video of "Nigiri Sushi Experience Akazawa"

You can teach by professional sushi craftmen

Children can experience from elementary school first grade.
To family sushi craftsmen together! !

As a professional sushi craftmaker guides you, you can teach how to grasp in earnest.
Because you can take the Japanese hat as it is, you can be a sushi craftworker even at home ♪


■ For the car:
◇ From the Tokyo side, next to the Yawata Kannon statue on the right side along the national highway 500 meters past the Yahatano traffic light on Route 135 Route.
◇ From Shimoda area, 2 kilometers past the Akasawa day trip spa hall on Route 135, on the left along the national highway, next to the Yachiman Kannon statue.
※ Free parking: 50 passenger cars, 6 large buses

★ ★ For customers coming by car navigation system
Phone number search: 0557-54-3006 (may be displayed as "Holiday Akazawa")
* Please note that if you do not update the car navigation software to the latest information, it may indicate a wrong destination based on the old map data.

■ By train:
◇ Get off at Izukogen station, 15 minutes on foot from Yamaguchi.
◇ Get off at Izukogen station, one meter by taxi from the mouth.
· You leave the ticket gate and you are right in front of the station MAP.