Taste good local dishes of Izukogen in Restaurant Akazawa♪

The restaurant Akazawa is a homey place where guests can hand-make the Wasabi source and enjoy seafood bowl made from fresh seafoods. Also, the Soba using 100% of Soba powder made at Horokanai in Hokaido is also very popular.
Other dishes such as horned turban rice set, red snapper stew set, finely chopped horse mackerel sashimi set are also very popular, made with a lot of tasty local ingredients. Enjoy the food with your friends and family!

Enjoy the meals with your dog!

Your dog is an important member of your family. However, sometimes it is hard to find a restaurant that allows pets to come in.
In Restaurant Akazawa, you can enjoy the meal with your dog in our spacious balcony. If you put the dog in a cage, it is also possible to enjoy the meal inside the restaurant.
Everyday, many of guests with dogs join us at Restaurant Akazawa.

A place where you can spend all day here “Izukogen Village of Handicraft Workshops”

At the foot of the mountain where the bamboo forest grows, institutions full of Japanese atmosphere gather here, such as Akazawa Kannon, pottery-making workshop Yahata no Kama, Soba-making workshop Kannontei, Nigiri Sushi-making workshop Akazawa. You can have delicious local fish dishes in Restaurant Akazawa, and buy dry foods and seafood in the souvenir shops nearby. Just drive a car here to Izukogen and you can enjoy handicraft experiences, shopping easily.
3 hours drive from Kinki, Kanto area, or other major cities, along the Route 135 in Izukogen in Itou city, Shizuoka Prefecture, equipped with large parking space where big-size buses can park easily.

Store Guide

食事処 あかざわ

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Spacious free parking lot♪ Free Wi-Fi available! 36 seats with table, 14 raised tatami seats, 44 tatami floor seats. In our 28 balcony seats, pets are allowed. Since we open 7 days a week, feel free to come any day you like.

Store name Restaurant Akazawa
Address 1666-4, Yawatano, Ito Shi, Shizuoka Ken, 413-0232, Japan
Izukogen Village of Handicraft Workshops
Tel. 0557-54-3006 (Izukogen Village of Handicraft Workshops)
- -
Opening days 7 days a week
Open Hours 11:30~15:00(Last Order14:00)
Parking Lot Free, can accommodate 50 automobiles, 6 large-size buses
Seating capacity 122 (36 seats with table, 14 raised tatami seats, 44 tatami floor seats, 28 balcony seats)
Payment method Cash, credit card
Pet policy Large pets are allowed to enter the balcony seats if kept on leash.
Wi-Fi Free Wi-Fi available

■By car
◇ From Tokyo: take national highway 135, past the crossroad of Yahata, turn right after driving about 500 m. The workshop is next to the statue of Yahata Kannon.
◇ From Shimoda: take national highway 135, past the Aakazawa Hot spring hotel, turn left after driving about 2 km. The workshop is next to the statue of Yahata Kannon.
※ Free parking lot: available for 50 automobiles, 6 large buses

★★ By car with a navigation system
Input telephone no. 0557-54-3006
※ Please note that if the navigation software is not the latest version, older map may lead to wrong destination.

■By train
◇ Get off at Izukogen station, walk about 15 mins from the Yamamokuchi bus stop.
◇ Get off at Izukogen station, take a taxi from the Yamamokuchi bus stop.
・After you exit the ticket gate, there is an area map right in front of you.