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Reservation not required! Join the course of Ryukyu glass-making or Shisa-making!

You can choose from a variety of courses and bring the works home as the souvenirs of Okinawa!
Guardian of home “Shisa-making course”
Okinawa handicrafts “Ryukyu glass-making course”
Transparent “candle-making course”
As a present “music box-making”
Exclusively here in Naha area “glass bead-making course”
And so on.

Selling glassworks, Shisa and Ryukyu glass

Since we have over 1000 kinds of hand-made glassworks, you can choose from them to make a stage of your own.
In our Shisa collections, we only sell works made by Okinawan craftsmen.

Close to Kokusai-dori in Naha! Easy to get here!

From Kokusai-dori, in front of HAPiNAHA, go down Heiwa-dori for 130 meters; there you will find us! 30 seconds walk from First Makishi market! 7 minutes walk from the Yui-reru Makishi station or Miebashi station.

Okinawa annual popularity ranking emblem was awarded in 2019 "Ikoyo" information with children!

Children and outing information "Iko Yo" ranked No. 8 in Okinawa annual popularity ranking in 2019!
Indoor facility ranking in Okinawa Prefecture

Okinawa annual popularity ranking emblem was awarded in 2018 "Ikoyo" information with children!

Children and outing information "Iko Yo" ranked No. 9 in Okinawa annual popularity ranking in 2018!
Indoor facility ranking in Okinawa Prefecture



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Course introduction

Join now! Reservation not required♪Plaster Shisa coloring course

It is a course to color the plaster Shisa you like any way you want.
A simple course that you can enjoy with ease, popular with children.

■ Join now! Reservation not required♪Applying colors to a ceramic Shisa

This is a course that you can choose a ceramic Shisa you like to apply colors to it anyway you like.
Reservation not required.
Ideal as the memorial of your trip to Okinawa, or as a present. A very popular course.

Reservation not required♪Chura Shisa-making + coloring course

Don't miss this if you come to Okinawa!
A workshop, rare even in Okinawa, where you can make, bake, and take home a Shisa figure souvenir right there.

■ Experience immediately without reservation ♪ "Herbarium experience" made with Egyptian glass

It is "Herbarium experience" made with Egyptian glass.

Join now! Reservation not required♪ Chura Shisa-making course

Don't miss this if you come to Okinawa!
An experience workshop, rare even in Okinawa, where you can make, bake, and take home a shisa figure souvenir right there.

■ Join now! Reservation not required♪ Ceramic Shisa-making course

Make a Shisa using the red soil of Okinawa!

■ Experience immediately without reservation ♪ Making authentic pottery shisa

Shisa accessory-making workshop

Choose from a variety of Shisa accessories and color it anyway you like. After attaching the strap to it, you get an original Shisa accessory of your own!

Join now! Reservation not required♪ Chura candle-making

Embed Okinawan coral sand or shells into a cute glass object, then combine from among over 1,000 types of glass works, Shisa, and fragrances to make a one-of-a-kind candle all your own.

Ornamented music box-making

Choose the music box you like from over 200 songs, then select from 1,000 types of glass works, such as beads and shells, to decorate it.

Glass art experience

An experience where you can paint glass and Ryukyu glass of all kinds of shapes as you wish.
Anyone can easily make their own original work.

By adding color to match patterns or drawing freely, you can enjoy a world of color and light.

Etching art course

Engraving various designs such as name, Shisa, hibiscus,
to make your original Ryukyu glass, coasters!

Star sand glass bead accessory

Perfect way to spend a break during your trip!
Simple glass bead accessory-making!!

Join now! Reservation not required♪Clear herbarium-making courses

Choose from a variety of glassware the one you like, use delicate glass flowers to make a special herbarium of your own.
Since the contents will not spill out even without a lid, you can make use various of glasses you like.
After the work is finished, it will need time to cool down.

Extra charges: Decorative glassworks, each for 100 yen, 300 yen or 400 yen.
After the work is finished you can bring it home right away.

■ 【Group coupon】 10% off for all course for groups over 10 people! !

Store Guide

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Take a look at an indoor view of the restaurant.
When viewing from a smartphone, please select the Google Maps app.

You can experience shisa-making, candle-making, accessory-making, ornamented music box-making, and glass bead-making.
EM Ice Cream's shop is there, where people line up for gourmet ice cream.

Store name Churakaji Okinawa art workshop
Address: 3-2-50 Makishi, Naha-shi, Okinawa-ken 900-0013
Tel.: 098-866-8558
Fax: 098-866-8557
Opening days 7 days a week
Open Hours 10:00~18:00(Deadline for reservations:17:00)
Parking: None
Maximum occupancy: 80 (1F: 32 seats, 2F: 48 seats)
Notes on reservation Although reservation is not required, it is possible to make reservation online.(Also available by phone)
Things to bring with you Your hands and clothes may get dirty. Although we provide aprons, if you mind getting your clothes dirty, please refrain from application.
Payment method Cash,credit card
Wi-Fi Free Wi-Fi available

2 mins introduction video to "Churakaji"

View the "Churakaji" video

Collections of glass works

Not only experiences, but glass works are sold too.

Okinawa rail, habu pit viper, mongoose, hibiscus, sea snake, dolphin, jellyfish, octopus, penguin, ocean sunfish, clownfish, crab
We always have over 1,000 types of glass works, such as coral and whale sharks, available.

The shop is barrier-free

Since the Churakaji Experience Workshop interior is barrier-free, people with disabilities are welcome to bring seeing-eye dogs, helper dogs, and hearing dogs.
We eagerly hope you will come to our shisa- or candle-making experiences.
The "helping dog" sticker on the entrance is an easy way to recognize us.
Our entire staff awaits your visit.

Wi-Fi available!

You can now use Wi-Fi at the Churakaji.
Feel free to use it when you're here for shopping or an experience.

Near the Churakaji shisa-making experience workshop, you can find the Makishi Public Market, the Sakurazaka Theatre, and the Tsuboya Yachimun Museum.
Convenient location—just an 8 minute walk through Kokusai-dori after leaving Yui Rail's Miebashi or Makishi Station.