On the second floor of a townhouse in the middle of Sannenzaka slope.

Yuba and Tofu, Kiyomizu Tei
3-342, Kiyomizu, Kyoto Shi Higashiyama Ku, Kyoto Fu, 605-0862, Japan

Tel. 075-746-7917

Welcome to soba-making workshop Kiyomizu Tei in Higashiyama regin, Kyoto City

When it comes to sightseeing in Kyoto, Kiyomizudera temple, Yazakajinja temple, Gion and Sannenzaka slope often come to mind.
Kiyomizu Tei is close to these famous spots.
The soba-making course in Kiyomizu Tei beings with grinding Soba seeds with stone mills.
When you turn the stone mill slowly, the aroma of soba will begin to float around you.
Yes, it is true. When starting soba-making with grinding the seeds with stone mills, the freshness of Soba powder is different. Even the famous soba restaurants often begin Soba-making with using ready-made Soba powder. That is why the soba made in the soba-making course here in Kiyomizu Tei are said to be “incredibly delicious”.

Let’s turn the stone mill to grind the seeds of soba

This is the soba-making begins with grinding soba seeds with stone mills.
Enjoy the process of soba-making in the aroma of soba powder.
Since the staff will attentively explain every procedure to you, even the beginner can make delicious soba.
If you choose the course starting around noon, you can then enjoy your own hand-made soba as your lunch in Kyoto.

Make the soba from Horokanai town in Hokaido even more delicious with the wasabi grew in Azumino, Shinnshu.

There are three “freshly” we insist in this workshop.
The freshly made soba is made from freshly grinded soba seeds, and last, you can enjoy the freshly boiled soba.
The soba would change how you think about soba and surprisingly delicious.
Make sure you taste the soba alone first and savor its flavor.
The wasabi we use comes from Azumino in Shinnshu.
The freshly grated wasabi matches the soba incredibly.

Course introduction

Grinding soba seeds with stone mills and soba-making course

Freshly grinded, freshly made, and freshly boiled!
You can taste the soba you made by yourself.
Since the soba is made from grinding soba seeds with stone mills, it tastes extra delicious!
When you make the soba, the aroma of soba floats around you and whet your appetite. The soba would be even more delicious!

Quality soba-making + yuba (tofu skin) making course

A bargain course that you can make soba and yuba (tofu skin) in one course.

Store Guide

そば打ち体験 きよみず亭

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Welcome to soba-making workshop Kiyomizu Tei in Higashiyama regin, Kyoto City
Enjoy a great time making soba by yourself.
This is the soba-making begins with grinding soba seeds with stone mills.

Store name Soba-making workshop Kiyomizu Tei
Address 3-342, Kiyomizu, Kyoto Shi Higashiyama Ku, Kyoto Fu, 605-0862, Japan
phone 075-746-7917
FAX 075-746-7916
Opening days 7 days a week
Parking Lot None
Seating capacity 2 to 20 people
Notes on reservation The course is by reservation only. Please make reservation online or by phone beforehand. Minimum numbers of participants are two.
Start time ①10:30 ②12:00 ③14:30
※Please choose from the above the start time you prefer upon reservation.
Telephone reception time 9:45~15:00
Minimum age requirement The minimum age requirement for this course is 7 years old.
※ You have to be above 12 years old to use a knife in the course.
※Children alone cannot join the course. A guardian is required for children participants.
Things to bring with you Although we provide aprons, if you mind getting your clothes dirty, please refrain from application.
Payment methods Cash, credit cards

★ Notes on relocation ★
The shop is relocated to a new address since August 1, 2018
(The map shows the new location.)

Old address: 257-17 Shimizu 2-chome Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto city
New address: 342 Shimizu 3-chome, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto city
※ New location is 2 minutes’ walk from the old one.

■ By car:
Drive for about 20 minutes along Meishin expressway and then National Highway No. 1, then get off at "Kyoto Minami IC" or "Kyoto Higashi IC". Or drive for about 15 minutes along Hanshin Expressway No. 8 and then Prefectural Road 143, then get off at Kamogawa West IC.
※ For parking, please use parking lot around Kiyomizudera temple, Kodaiji temple, etc.
Kyoto city Shimizaka sightseeing parking lot gives priority to tour buses.

■ By bus or on foot:
By Bus: Get off at Shimizu-do, then walk for about 5 minutes.
(Take City Bus 100 and 206 from Kyoto Station, or take City Bus 207 from Shijyo Kawaramachi)
It is within walking distance from Kiyomizudera, Yasaka Shrine and Gion.
Walk from Kiyomizu-dera: Get off the stairs of Sannenzaka slope and proceed along the stone pavement. The workshop is on your right.
Walk from Kodaiji, Gion and Yasaka Shrine: Take Ninennszaka slope and turn left. The workshop is the third house on your left.
If you search Shimizu 3-342 via “Google maps” on your smart phone, it will show you the location.
※ Since we do not provide transportation, please come via your own car or public transportations.