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Making a leisurely shisa at the sea cafe ♪
Making shisa while feeling Okinawa with the sea in front of you and tropical drinks at the cafe is the best memory of your trip! !!

In front of you, at the Okinawa Blue Sea Cafe, enjoy a leisurely Shisa experience while enjoying a tropical drink ...
For the best memories of Okinawa ♡

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Experience the sea sir while looking at the sea of Okinawa ♪♪

The Shisa experience while looking at the sea of Okinawa
It will be a memorial of the best memories of your trip to Okinawa ♡



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You can enjoy shisa-making without a reservation!!

In the Ryukyu kiln experience workshop, you can feel free to experience making traditional Okinawan shisa without reservation.

Largest Shisa shop in Okinawa

Instead of imported cheap souvenirs, we only display and sell Shisa made by major Okinawan artists. Our collections are the largest in Okinawa.

Find the Shisa you like from works made by over 100 workshops, of over 1,000 types, and numbers over 10,000.

Learn about Shisa in our theater

In the shop, we introduce Shisa's roots, etymology, gender, types, meanings, and ways to place them in short videos broadcasted on tablets.
In out theater with 200-inch screen that can accommodate 150 people, you can watch a 5-minutes video to learn about Shisa.
If you join a course or make a purchase after learning about Shisa through videos, the Shisa you made or purchased would be even more meaningful for you.

Course introduction

Join now! Reservation not required♪Apply colors to plaster Shisa

This is a course that you can choose a plaster Shisa you like to apply colors to it anyway you like.
Ideal as the memorial of your trip to Okinawa, or as a present. A very popular course.

Join now! Reservation not required♪Applying colors to a ceramic Shisa

This is a course that you can choose a ceramic Shisa you like to apply colors to it anyway you like.
Reservation not required.
Ideal as the memorial of your trip to Okinawa, or as a present. A very popular course.

Join now! Reservation not required♪ Unglazed Shisa-making course

After you finished making the Shisa, it will be fired right away and you can bring it home afterward.

Join now! Reservation not required♪ Unglazed Shisa-making + coloring course

After you finished making the Shisa, it will be fired right away and you can bring it home afterward.

Join now! Reservation not required♪ Ceramic Shisa-making course

Making shisas with Okinawan red clay!

Join now! Reservation not required♪ Orthodox ceramic Shisa-making

Orthodox ceramic Shisa-making using Okinawan red clay.

Making Yachimun from Ryukyu soil ♪ Electric potter's wheel experience

■ Experience immediately without reservation ♪ "Herbarium experience" made with Egyptian glass

It is "Herbarium experience" made with Egyptian glass.

■Join now! Reservation not required♪Shisa accessories coloring course

Choose from a variety of Shisa accessories and color it anyway you like. After attaching the strap to it, you get an original Shisa accessory of your own!

Ideal for souvenirs!

■ Join now! Reservation not required♪Plaster plate coloring course

Choose a plaster plate with Shisa on it you like, coloring it anyway you like.
This is a course you can finish in a short period of time. The plate can be used as welcome message and so on.

■ Join now! Reservation not required♪Shisa memory plate coloring course

Write the phrase or pattern you like on the plate. Then attach the plate to the Shisa made by professionals.

Popular as the welcome plate that can bring you luck.

Plaster Shisa-making

The origin of Shisa! Create a Shisa with Okinawa plaster and Ryukyu roof tile fragments.

■ Join now! Reservation not required♪Orthodox plaster Shisa-making course

This is a course exclusively in Ryukyu Gama. You can make a large-sized orthodox plaster Shisa.
Make a super large-sized orthodox plaster Shisa with “Okinawa plaster”!

Following the instructions of our staff and the manual, you can make a real large orthodox plaster Shisa!

■ Reservation not required♪Red roof tile Plaster Shisa-making experience

Using Okinawa’s traditional plaster and the fragments of red roof tile to make a plaster Shisa of 30 cm height!

You can also choose a Shisa made by professionals to color it, or attach decorative components to the pedestal to it.
You can make a work that is even better than the professionals.

Join now! Reservation not required♪Ceramic dog-making course

Ceramic dog-making using Okinawa's white soil!

■ 【Group coupon】 10% off for all course for groups over 10 people! !

Please use it to make memories with family and friends ☆ 彡

■ [Sky Rent-a-Car × Ryukyu Kiln Campaign Planning First Volume] Full-fledged Pottery Seasar Making Experience (1 body)

【Sky Rental Car / Ryukyu Kiln Campaign Planning First Volume】 Authentic Pottery Seasar Making Experience (1 body)
Price list 6,800 yen (including shipping fee) → Campaign price 5,260 yen (including shipping fee)

■ [Sky Rent-a-Car × Ryukyu Kiln Campaign Planning Second Volume] Unglazed Seafood Making & Painting Experience (2)

【Sky Rent-A-car / Ryukyu Kiln Campaign Planning 2nd】 Unglazed Seafood Making & Painting Experience (2)
6,400 yen → 5,260yen

Store Guide

シーサー体験 琉球窯

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Take a look at an indoor view of the restaurant.
When viewing from a smartphone, please select the Google Maps app.

When you travel to Okinawa, be sure to visit the Shisa Pottery Experience Ryukyu Kiln.
Please enjoy the Shisa making experience and Yachimun making experience at the sea cafe.

Store name Shisa Experience Ryukyu Gama
Address 〒905-0428 621-2 Imadomari, Nakijin-mura, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
On the beach cafe 2F
Tel.: 0980-56-4561
Fax: 050-3618-4788
Opening days 7 days a week
Open Hours 10:00~18:00 (Deadline for reservations:17:00)
Parking lot Free, 20 passenger cars
Seats capacity 80 people (1F 64 seats, 2F 16 seats)
Things to bring with you Nothing in particular.
※Although we provide aprons, if you mind getting your clothes dirty, please refrain from application.
Notes on reservation Although reservation is not required, it is possible to make reservation online.(Also available by phone)
Payment methods Cash, credit card
Wi-Fi Free Wi-Fi available


2 mins introduction video to “Shisa Park Ryukyu Gama ”

View the Ryukyu Gama video

Shisa collections shop

Ryukyu Gama’s Shisa collections consist of carefully selected works that only made by Okinawan craftsmen.
We don't sell cheap foreign-made keychains or souvenirs.
Whether it's Ryukyu bingata, Yaeyama minsa, Shuriori, or Tsuboya-yaki, we have an abundant selection available; the same is true for Yachimun, whether it's Joyachi or Arayachi, and we also have shisas ranging from the traditional to the avant-garde.

View the Shisa Shop video

The theater

Before you join our Shisa-making courses or purchase Shisa, learn about Shisa from a video played in the theater or the displaying boards.

Our shop is barrier-free

Since our experience area is spacious, wheelchair users won't have to feel stressed about coming and going.
Kids were entranced by Ryukyu Gama's artisan's skill in creating plaster shisas.
Perhaps future shisa artisans will be born from the children experiencing shisa-making today…
Naturally, our restrooms are also barrier-free.
Planned with high accessibility in mind, we also have a diaper change platform available.

Wi-Fi available!

You can now use Wi-Fi at the Shisa Park Ryukyu Gama.
Feel free to use it when you're here for shopping or joining a course.

7 minutes by car from Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium.
15 minutes by car to Kouri Ohashi.