Broadcasted on 18 July 2017 in the TV program “Hirunandesu”by Nippon Television Network☆

The workshop was introduced in the section “Girls’s trip to Tokyo in summer”.
“One of the roads leading to Kiyomizudera temple is Sannenzaka slope. It is now popular for many restaurants and shops selling local specialties.”
“Yuba and tofu-making workshop Kiyomizu Tei is on this slope.”

“The two joined the course to make the yuba they like. ”

“Firstly, taste the quality soy milk without adding anything to it.”

“The taste and aroma of soybean are great!”

“Yummy! I love it!”

The secret to deliciousness

“We use the groundwater in Kyoto, and quality soybean grew in Japan.”

“Moreover, we use high density soymilk with a solid concentration of 12%, in which you can taste the sweetness and richness inherent to soybeans.”

“As we continue to eat the yuba…”
“Wow! At last we get the rice cracker made from yuba! ”
“How does this cracker that absorbed the taste and richness of soybean taste?”
“Incredible! It’s really crispy!”
“Sweet! Delicious!”

“This is the scrambled eggs with yuba bowl, 1300 yen.”
“Put the yuba in the specially made soybean oil-based sauce then cooked a while before adding the eggs.”
“If you put the eggs a little before it’s completely cooked, you get a rich-flavored yuba bowl with eggs on it.”
※Information here are cited from the original program.

You can make Yuba (tofu skin) and tofu here!

Here at “Yuba and tofu-making workshop Kiyomizu Tei”, you can easily join the course making the yuba (tofu skin) and soba characteristic of Kyoto.
Please enjoy the yuba and tofu freshly made from delicious soymilk made in Kyoto.

Course introduction

■Join now! Reservation not required♪A set of one yuba bowl and one hot pot

Choose from two of our most popular yuba bowls, and then make yuba or tofu by yourself, then enjoy them together.

■Yuba or tofu all-you-can-make! Both your stomach and heart would be satisfied!

Yuba or tofu all-you-can-make and eat! You can also have sashimi Yuba, skimmed Yuba etc as your lunch.

Store Guide

ゆば&とうふ きよみず亭

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Store name Yuba and tofu-making workshop Kiyomizu Tei
Address 2nd floor, 3-342, Kiyomizu, Kyoto Shi Higashiyama Ku, Kyoto Fu, 605-0862, Japan
phone 075-746-7917
FAX 075-746-7916
Opening days 7 days a week
Business hours 11: 00 ~ 15: 00 (Last order)
※ Extended during the time of Kiyomizu-dera night special viewing
Parking Lot None. Please make use of the nearby parking lot.
Seating capacity Irori seats 14, table seats 16.
Table seats are not available when soba-making course takes place.
Payment method Cash, credit card etc.
Notes Since the soba-making course will take place in this shop, if you are allergic to buckwheat or wheat, please refrain from entering the shop.

You can enjoy the atmosphere of local house in Kyoto.

In the Irori seats area, you can stretch your legs in the space under the table. You can relax even when wearing a Kimono.

■ By car:
Drive for about 20 minutes along Meishin expressway and then National Highway No. 1, then get off at "Kyoto Minami IC" or "Kyoto Higashi IC". Or drive for about 15 minutes along Hanshin Expressway No. 8 and then Prefectural Road 143, then get off at Kamogawa West IC.
※ For parking, please use parking lot around Kiyomizudera temple, Kodaiji temple, etc.
Kyoto city Shimizaka sightseeing parking lot gives priority to tour buses.

■ By bus or on foot:
By Bus: Get off at Shimizu-do, then walk for about 5 minutes.
(Take City Bus 100 and 206 from Kyoto Station, or take City Bus 207 from Shijyo Kawaramachi)
It is within walking distance from Kiyomizudera, Yasaka Shrine and Gion.
Walk from Kiyomizu-dera: Get off the stairs of Sannenzaka slope and proceed along the stone pavement. The workshop is on your right.
Walk from Kodaiji, Gion and Yasaka Shrine: Take Ninennszaka slope and turn left. The workshop is the third house on your left.
If you search Shimizu 3-342 via “Google maps” on your smart phone, it will show you the location.
※ Since we do not provide transportation, please come via your own car or public transportations.