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Electric potter's wheel 32 sets! No. 1 in Kanto area

Yahata no Gama is a popular Pottery handicraft experience shop located in Izukogen. Equipped with 32 potter's wheels and a space for 120 people to experience hand-build pottery art. With plenty of seats available, you can join a course anytime you like without having to make a reservation.

Our most popular course is the one using potter's wheels. In 40 mins of time, you can use any amount of clay you like and create 2 to 6 works. It may not be easy at first, but with the attentive instructions of our staff, you will get better after making 2 or 3 works, and finally creating your original cool works!
Since there’s no limitation for the size and number of works you can make, you would definitely be able to make the work you like!
As you only have to choose the works you really like to fire, this course remains the most satisfying and popular one.

A variety of courses available!

We have a variety of courses ready for you to choose, including pottery-making with electric potter’s wheel, pottery-panting, lampshade-making, etc., 15 courses in total!
Courses without age limit such as hand-made pottery experiences, or the one you can make with your pet, the Doggy Plate is also very popular.

Unglazed doll-making experience or etching-art experience are courses in which you can bring home your work right after it is finished. The courses are popular among kids.

Ideal for the summer vacation craft-work project.

Izukogen Village of Handicraft Workshops

At the foot of the mountain where the bamboo forest grows, institutions full of Japanese atmosphere gather here, such as Akazawa Kanno, pottery-making workshop Yahata no Kama, Soba-making workshop Kannonntei, Nigiri Sushi-making workshop Akazawa. You can have delicious local fish dishes in Restaurant Akazawa, and buy dry foods and seafood in the souvenir shops nearby. Just drive a car here to Izukogen and you can enjoy handicraft experiences, shopping easily.

3 hours drive from Kinki, Kanto area, or other major cities, along the Route 135 in Izukogen in Itou city, Shizuoka Prefecture, equipped with large parking space where big-size buses can park easily.

Course introduction

Reservation not required♪ Electric potter’s wheel course

You can join the pottery-making with electric potter’s wheel course without a reservation. Even if you are a beginner, our attentive staff will support you throughout the process. Do give yourself a chance to try!

■ Electric potter’s wheel course for groups (10 people+)

This is a simple course you can join with the budget you decide. Ideal for company travel or club travel.

■ Reservation not required♪ Electric potter’s wheel course of couple teacups

Make sets of two teacups that can be used as a pair by husband and wife or couples. Please choose two to fire into pottery.

■ Reservation not required♪Hand-build pottery-making

Whether it be teacups, rice bowls or plates, you can make any number of works from 1 kg of clay. Enjoy the fun of pottery-making!

■ Reservation not required♪Lampshade-making (light bulb set and ceramic pedestal included)

Open small holes on a bell-shaped object in the style you like to let the light out.
Use it as a ceramic lampshade.

■Reservation not required♪Tea incense burner

Open small holes on a ready-made object to let the light out.

■ Reservation not required♪Ceramic plate clock (clock set included)

You can freely attach small objects or apply color to a ceramic plate that looks like a clock.

■ Reservation not required♪ Doggy Plate-making

Hand-made with your pet!
A course ideal for a record of children’s growth, or a memorial of travelling with your pet!

■ Reservation not required♪ Dog-shaped clock

Hand-made with your pet!
You can make an original clock imprinted with the hand-print or footprint of your children or dog!

Original Soba cup and Soba-making course

After making your original Soba cup, you will try making Soba and eat them with the Soba cup you just made.

■ Reservation not required♪ Dishware etching-art course

Apply the sticker with your design on it to a plate or cup, carve the pattern via a sandblaster, and you get the one and only work of your own.

■ Reservation not required♪Coaster etching-art course

Apply a sticker of your design on a coaster. Then use a sandblaster to carve the design to it. Here comes your original work!

■ Join now! Reservation not required♪Plate-painting course

Recommended for those with small children! A memorable painting experience

■ Join now! Reservation not required♪Mug-painting course

Even small children can easily make it! Paint a mug as you like it

■ Join now! Reservation not required♪ Ocarina-painting course

Paint it anyway you like to make an original ocarina

■ Experience immediately without reservation ♪ "Herbarium experience" made with Egyptian glass

It is "Herbarium experience" made with Egyptian glass.

Choose a glass of your favorite color and add glass grains, preserved flowers and glitter to create a world-class harbarium.

It is recommended as a souvenir for Izu travel because you can take it home after completion.

■Join now! Reservation not required♪Dog-shaped pottery-making course

Use the clay to make a three-dimensional statue of your dog!
Keep your memory with your dog in a tangible form.

Join now! Reservation not required♪Dog-shaped pottery-making + painting

You can paint the ceramic dog you made after it is post-mailed to you.
Use the clay to make a three-dimensional statue of your dog.

■ Join now! Reservation not required♪ Unglazed dog-shaped object-making

Make a dog-shaped clay object anyway you like, and after firing for 20 minutes, you can bring your work home.

■ Join now! Reservation not required♪ Unglazed dog-shaped object-making+painting

Make a dog-shaped clay object anyway you like, and after firing for 20 minutes, you can paint it and bring it home.

Store Guide

陶芸体験 八幡野窯

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Please look inside the store in an indoor view.
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Equipped with 32 potter's wheels and a space for 120 people to experience hand-build pottery art, we are the largest workshop in not only the Izumikogen but also Kanto area. Reservation is not required. Just come and join our courses.

Store name Pottery-making workshop Yahatano Gama
Address 〒413-0232  Shizuoka Prefecture, Ito City, Yahatano 1666-4
Izukogen Village of Handicraft workshop
phone 0557-54-3006
- -
Business day 7 days a week
business hours 9:30~14:00
Parking Lot Free, 50 passenger cars, 6 large buses
Seating capacity 152 people (32 electromotive paddle, 120 seats on hand)
Regarding reservation Although reservation is unnecessary, web experience can be reserved if the experience date is decided.(Also available by phone)
Belongings Clothes and hands may get dirty. We have prepared aprons and work clothes in the shop, but please acknowledge it beforehand because there is a possibility of getting dirty.
お支払い方法 現金、キャッシュレス決済
その他 ペット同伴可能です!
Wi-Fi Free Wi-Fi 完備
- -

2 mins introduction of "Pottery-making workshop Yahata no Kama"

Watch a video of "Pottery-making workshop Yahata no Kama"

Your dog would also be very satisfied♪

Enjoy the experiences with your dog
Pensions and restaurants that are “barrier-free for dogs” in Izukogen

In Yahata no Kama, we have courses that you can enjoy with your dog.
If you keep your dog on leash in the workshop, large size dogs are also allowed to join the course.
Amenities including food bowl, deodorizer spray, leash hook, towel and so on are also available.
We also have dog-only trashcans.

About 3 hours by car from each capital region in Kinki, Kanto, Shizuoka prefecture along the national highway No. 135 of Itzukogen, Shizuoka prefecture, we have a large parking lot space where large buses can park easily.

■ For the car:
◇ From the Tokyo side, past the Yahatano traffic light on Route 135
500 meters ahead along the national highway, on the right side, Yawarano Kannon line.

◇ From Shimoda area, past the Akazawa One-day Onsenkan on National Route 135
2 km along the national highway on the left side, Hachimanni Kannon line.

■ By train:
◇ Get off at Izukogen station, 15 minutes walk from the mouth (Old Hachimanoguchi).
※ Yamato is a one meter by taxi from mouth.